mr_faktury PRO 2.53 for Windows 10


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MR_FAKTURY_PRO program is an advanced program to issue VAT invoices and bills simpler for companies. When designing the main attention was paid to the ease of performing each operation, so that the program can be operated by persons not having much experience in working with computers. It can also be used by farmers to invoice RR. It also has mechanisms for checking the timeliness of payments of invoices. The program is able to issue receipts, records of purchases, goods, companies, state storage, and more. The program is built on a modern and reliable database NexusDB mechanisms based on the transaction, which provides safe and secure storage of information. The program has the ability to define up to 255 pricing. Number of goods or services is limited almost the size of disk space. The program can be used in commercial and service companies, including those operating storage. The application is constantly adapted to changing regulations. Software features: 1 Long names of goods and services (more than 70 characters), as well as descriptions of the single. This can be a very long text, such as a description of the activities 2 Description of invoice - additional text - for example, those taking part in a training course, a special way to pay invoices, etc. 3 You can reset the correction of invoices and invoices incorrectly entered. 4 Records of prices - prints - by product or all 5 Transfer printing on pre-printed 6 Warehouse management products. Inventory, inventory at any date, etc. 7 Order Support 8 Service complaints 9 The possibility of an invoice for another buyer and another person 10th Pricing in other currencies 11th Search companies by section name or city 12th Print sales records by date of issue 13th Print a pro forma invoice 14th Export invoices to a CSV text file (Excel) 15th External Release service - easy conversion to invoice 16th Support the expiration date and serial number of goods 17th Service credit note and debit 18th Service ZIP codes 19th ELZAB fiscal printer support (FP600, OMEGA), Posnet (Thermal), Elemis (GIGA) 20th Service Invoice export and intra- 21st Ability to print the invoice currency and export in English 22 The possibility of issuing rebates for each item of the invoice 23 The ability to use an advanced system of discount 24th It is possible to sell goods from the warehouse in the absence of the goods with the later addition 25th Dot-matrix printer support direct mode 26th Invoicing currency 27th Payment of invoices in the currency The program is available in two versions, free and commercial. The free version has some limitations in order to get the full functionality of the program must purchase a commercial version.